Dietitian - Nutritionist Maria Mantzorou

Website design, Responsive design, Professional photography

Project description

Website design and development to promote the services of a new diet office

The diet office of Maria Mantzorou using modern scientific knowledge and technological progress, aims to improve health, well-being and overall quality of life, offering personalized dietary therapy. For Maria's new activity we have formulated a complete corporate identity proposal, with applications in print and electronic media. Having as a main priority the approach of the public through social networks We designed and developed a website with mobile friendly navigation.

Our approach

Before we start designing the corporate identity, we carefully studied the philosophy, the vision and the goals of the new diet office. For the design of the website we formed drafts in various screen resolutions while aiming for easy navigation and proper content organization, regardless of the device in use. To increase the time spent on the page but also to better reach the public through social networks, we developed tools for calculating body mass, metabolism and ideal weight.