Environmental Information Center of Kalloni

Drupal 9

Project description

In the Environmental Information Center of Kalloni, operated by the Museum of Natural History of the Petrified Forest of Lesvos, you can learn about the rich and special nature of the Gulf of Kalloni and the whole of Lesvos. The reason they approached us was to design a new modern website that presents the actions of the center with rich photographic material and information about the nature of the island.

Our approach

As we do in each of our projects we started with the study of specifications. Through the meetings we had with the managers of the Environmental Information Center of Kalloni, we recorded the needs - goals, the audience to which the website is addressed and we came up with the initial framework (sitemap).

The love of the executives of the center for the promotion and protection of the rare natural environment of Lesvos gave us an extra boost to make a website worthy of their expectations.

Our main objectives for developing the website

Enhancing the prestige and readability of the Kalloni Environmental Information Center

Informing the public about the special natural environment of Lesvos and the activities of the center

Recording of the rare bird fauna of Lesvos in a database

Continuous information on bird watching

Our graphic design approach

Our graphic design approach also included the design of a new logo, while the selection of photographic material by experienced bird watchers played an important role in the appearance of the page.

For the inventory of species in a database we recorded all the necessary fields of each species, such as scientific name, family, group and conservation status. In order to make the search of the items easy, we added search filters with the basic characteristics of the item.

In each genre there is rich photographic material and connection with the news that concerns it (eg appearances)

The website was developed in Drupal 8 and has now been upgraded to Drupal 9, has a responsive design and supports Greek and English.