Moongarden Boutique Hotel

Website design, Drupal 7, Responsive design

Project description

Moongarden Boutique Resort is a complex of independent holiday residences located in Molyvos (Mithymna) in Lesvos. The buildings and the pool are framed by the olive grove, beautiful gardens with plants and flowers, offering high standards of accommodation. The old Moongarden website was quite outdated and the poor quality of the photographic content degraded the real image of the resort. We accepted the challenge of designing a new website, with responsive design for mobile phones and tablets, with clean design and aesthetics, able to display to the visitor all the special features that compose this beautiful landscape.

Our approach


From our first visit to the site, we were impressed by the environment in which the Moongarden Boutique Hotel is built. A magnificent landscape in nature, overlooking the imposing castle of Molyvos. All this beauty had to be captured in the best possible way.

Professional photoshooting

Our company with great experience in photographing landscapes and professional venues, recorded moments of incomparable beauty. The quality of the photographic content in combination with the minimalistic design of the website, offered an attractive presentation equal to the quality of the tourist resort.