Theatrical group "Oi Astegoi"

Drupal 9, Responsive, Custom design

Project description

The Theatrical group of Mytilene "Oi Astegoi", is a cultural association created in 1985 in Mytilene and since then has had a strong cultural activity having presented plays throughout the Lesbian countryside, Athens, in other Aegean islands, in Thrace and Cyprus. Since we started hosting the website of  "Oi Astegoi", we follow with interest their actions and we decided as a team to assist in their work with the construction of a new website.

Our approach

The Theatrical group of Mytilene "Oi Astegoi", is a team with a long history and we had to highlight that in the best possible way. We collected all the content, we organised it and we uploaded it in the new website in hign resolution. The archive of the performances includes rich photographic material and information about the contributors and each project. For future performances we formed a section of  "upcoming events" with the addition of online ticket purchase. The new website of  "Oi Astegoi" was developed on the powerful Drupal 9 platform and its responsive design makes it mobile-friendly.