Water Supply Company

Drupal 7, Custom design, Responsive design

Project description

DEYAL (Municipal Water Supply Company of Lesvos) was founded in 1982 and since then it provides the citizens of Lesvos with the amount of water they need for their needs, with high quality and purity. Along with the management of liquid waste, through modern biological treatment, it protects the environment and enhances the quality of life of citizens. Ever since DEYAL was founded, it continuously upgrades the quality of its services and infrastructure having participated in dozens of development projects. The need to promote all these actions and to also improve their customer service led to the decision to create a new modern website which we undertook.

Our approach

Functional Design
Our artistic approach aimed at the most functional use of the website with a focus on customer service and information. By entering the page you can see the basic services in which you can be informed on or submit electronic requests. In the sidebar we placed a useful menu with sections that concern exclusively the citizen-consumer. The visitor can now very easily be informed through a map for damages and projects that take place throughout the island.

Responsive Layout
Having examined the content of the page, we created special tables, forms and text-photo layouts that are adapted according to the user's analysis, providing a complete navigation experience.


Online Services

Consumers can submit their "New Connection" requests and "Breakdown" reports electronically,  to calculate the cost according to the consumption they had while there is a foundation for future integration of more online services.