High Performance Drupal Hosting

High Performance Drupal Hosting

We have been hosting challenging Drupal installations since the days of Drupal 6, gaining wide experience in many different scenarios.

High performance and reliability are a given for our dedicated servers that we have been continuously optimizing for every need.

The codebase of any website is often something that needs performance optimization.  Our experienced Drupal developer team can offer great speed gains for your site, both server-side, reducing the resources needed and improving its latency, and client-side where many websites are needlessly slow and overburden client devices.

Drupal modules have frequent updates that can often break things. Our team can take care of this in a safe way. Security updates are always given top priority.

Dedicated Drupal Servers

We rely exclusively on Nginx for our dedicated servers supporting HTTP/2, and soon HTTP/3.

PHP is offered in any version you might need starting from PHP 5.6, PHP 7.x up to PHP 8.1, with PHP 8.2 already being tested.

We support MariaDB and PostgreSQL Databases, Redis and Memcached caching stores. Varnish and Google Pagespeed Optimization are also available for sites that need them.

Advagg is also supported, with Brotli and JSMin enabled.


Safety is a top priority so our servers are fully backed up many times a day to geographically dispersed servers, and we keep a full backup history for at least 6 months, using read-only snapshots.