New website for the Kalloni Environmental Education Center

Custom website design and migration to Drupal 10 CMS

Σχετικά με το έργο

About the project

At the Kalloni Environmental Education Center, which operates under the auspices of the Lesvos Natural History Museum of Petrified Forest, you can learn about the rich and unique nature of the Gulf of Kalloni and the wider region.

The reason they approached us was to create a new, modern website that would present the center's activities with rich high-resolution photographic material and information about the island's nature.

Μελέτη αναγκών

Needs assessment

As we do with every project, we started with lesvosbirds.gr by studying the needs and goals. Through the meetings we had with the staff of the Kalloni Environmental Education Center, we recorded the needs - goals, the audience to which the page is addressed, and we ended up with a website architecture (sitemap).

The love of the center's staff for the promotion and protection of Lesbos' unique natural environment gave us an extra boost to create a site that met their expectations.

Βασικοί Άξονες

Key Axes

  • Promotion and enhancement of the recognition of the Kalloni Environmental Education Center
  • Inform the public about the special natural environment of Lesbos and the center's activities
  • Create a comprehensive database for the avifauna
  • Integrate the ability for users to report bird sightings
Γραφιστική μας προσέγγιση

Our graphic design approach

Our design approach also included the design of a new logo, while the choice of photographic material from experienced wildlife photographers played an important role in the appearance of the website.

For the inventory of species in the database, we recorded all the necessary fields of each species, such as scientific name, common name, family, group and conservation status. In order to make it easy to search for species, we added search filters based on the basic characteristics of the species (e.g. name, family, color, size).

Each species has rich high-resolution photographic images and a link to news that concerns it (e.g. appearances).

The page was developed in Drupal 8 and has now been upgraded to Drupal 10, is fully responsive to mobile phones and tablets, and supports Greek and English language.

Visit lesvosbirds.gr and discover the unique natural treasures of Lesvos!

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